The Patience Principle

Patience is something we can afford due to our culture of collaboration and perseverance. We do not have a fund cycle and employ a long-term hold strategy that affords our relationship the time it needs to thrive.

Capital Structures and Conservative Leverage

We have the industry experience and the processes in place to make sure that our partnership is the right fit for all parties involved. Our strengths should match your needs for support in both vision, strategy and drive.


Great Partners
Make Great Businesses.

An “Equal Footing” Partnership

We believe in the phrase pari-passu which means “equal footing” and are committed to this framework with our equity partners. This means we typically do not have management fees or preferential treatment. For executive teams we offer greater flexibility and performance-based incentives than often available, effectively aligning all parties to the success of the business. We look for the owners and management of every deal to have a stake in the partnership.

With our partners we move to ensure our strengths and yours are put to work, creating a new future together.

The ValorBridge Difference

Our unique approach to determining “good risk” puts your management and ownership at a growth advantage.

  • Flexible Capital Structures
  • No Management Fees
  • Management Friendly Terms
  • Conservative Leverage
  • No Fund Cycle/ Long-Term Hold Horizon
  • Culture of Collaboration and Perseverance
  • Proven Track Record

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